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Primary at TPS

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Primary at The Piedmont School


Primary at The Piedmont School 

The Primary program (1st-3rd) at The Piedmont School has grown as an extension of our KinderAcademy program. KinderAcademy at TPS is designed for students who are showing early signs of being at-risk learners. Students in the KinderAcademy may not necessarily have a learning difference diagnosis, but they may show signs of not being academically or socially ready for a traditional classroom environment. Like the KinderAcademy, our Primary program offers an extension of this program geared towards students who continue to benefit from a low student to teacher ratio and encompasses visual, tactile, and language development methodologies.

The reading curriculum is a combination of visual and traditional methods that are rich in phonics and lead to solid early fluency skills, but are adapted for each individual student’s needs. Students have one hour of guided reading (Jan Richardson model) each morning.

The math curriculum combines several visual and tactile methods (such as incorporating the Touch Math curriculum) with guided math to make math fun and relatable for young learners. Students learn strong foundational skills in math including counting, shapes, early addition/subtraction and number manipulation. Students also learn to understand and recognize math in the world around them.


Writing is used across Primary curriculum and helps early learners understand how words have meaning and that written language is another form of communication. With the use of the Empowering Writers curriculum and the Writer’s Workshop method, students learn early writing foundations such as letter formations and advance into early written expression techniques such as formulating ideas, writing simple sentences, and correlating their writing samples with pictures.


Science and Social Studies are thematic and are incorporated throughout the Primary day and in special lessons in the afternoon. There are several hands-on and experiential learning lessons such as field trips and experiments. Students become aware of their place in the world around them through inquiry, discovery, and participation.

Primary students also participate in our Block/Specials classes. Students participate in a daily PE class to help build fine and gross motor skills. Students also participate in weekly Drama, Music, and Art classes. We understand the importance a complete Arts education has on the early social, cognitive, and emotional growth of young students and we are big believers in providing access to a comprehensive Arts based education.

The goal of The Piedmont School Primary is to provide an individualized and positive early learning experience for students beginning their schooling career who might otherwise have challenges facing them.